For the series Paintless and as the word describes, no paint is used. The works are collages build up with cut-out images from used art books, comics, encyclopedias, etc. As long as the reproductions are from paintings and drawings. Just like hisĀ paintings the collages are build up in layers. Starting with the background for the first layer, building up to the highest parts of the work in the foreground. So despite the flat images the layers create a 3D experience. As you move slightly in front of the work, the upper layers will visually slide over the layers beneath.
Although there is a wealth of images available, the artist is limited in the imagery. Dependent on the size, quality, color and image, the ultimate aim is to create a work that is interesting, coherent and telling a story.
The restrictions in imagery that the artist imposes himself by making these collages may be interesting for further developments in painting.